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Product Care Instructions

Special things are worth looking after.

To enjoy using your crystal in the future and to keep it looking good, we recommend the following:

Product Care Instructions 01

1. To avoid the exposure to sunlight for extended periods, exposure to heat and humidity can cause the plating to fall off and oxidation.

Product Care Instructions 02

2. Direct contact with water or any liquid, or under humid environment will corrode the metal parts and cause rusting.

Product Care Instructions 03

3. Free the metal parts from sweat, dirt and grease, keep the metal parts in a cool and dry environment. For cleaning, only wipe the item with a clean dry cloth.

Product Care Instructions 05

5. Not everyone knows about this. Strong air-conditioning may cause the water to condense on the surface of the metal parts. Avoid it.

Product Care Instructions 04

4. Avoid contact with any chemicals (such as cosmetics, detergent, perfume etc), which may damage the plating layer.

Product Care Instructions 06

6. Do not clean with sonic cleaners or abrasives.

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