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Mascot - Peacock

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

The peacock is native to Southeast Asia and countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, China, and Sri Lanka. Many people are considered to be a good sign and omen. Here we take a look at how the world look at this bird:

Asia - When open a fully flaunted peacocks tail looks of a huge Chinese hand fan. This symbolizes openness. One of the references a peacock symbolizes is long life or immortality.

India - The National Bird is the Indian peacock (Pavo cristatus). Peacocks symbolize grace, pride, and beauty. They are a sign of joy for all who see them. Peacocks are often used in Indian mythology and folk stories.

Western Country - A peacock is the symbol of purity. The feathers were used as a measure to prevent the decaying of the human body as well. The peacock represents immortality and resurrection.

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