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About Us

Our mission is to give people the power to make anything imaginable using our metal craftsmanship and brings happiness to the special one that received our products.

Company Profile​​

Union Metal is a giftware company based in Hong Kong. We specialize in metal craftsmanship, with extraordinary design. In 1971, Union Metal was founded by two partners.  We are the pioneer of producing gift items with a combination of metal and crystals.  One of the core components of our brand, Crystal Temptations®, is our products decorates with Swarovski® crystals. We have a long term business relationship with Swarovski® for over 45 years. This is the reason we use the octagon shape of crystals as our brand logo. It became a renowned brand for their quality, uniqueness and attractiveness.  Together with our customers, we achieved huge success in the global market.

In 1990, an article was published in a Hong Kong newspaper stating the products of Union Metal achieves the international standard.  We received huge orders of candleholders decorating with Swarovski® crystals.


CHINA address:

Pan Hu Industrial Estate, Huang Chiang Country

Dong Guan, China

Our Factory

In 1993, we expanded our product line and moved our factory to Dongguan, China. In 1994, we established our own electroplating factory, as we are committed to offering the highest finishing requirements for all our products. In 2000, we expanded our electroplating factory to land with over 1,000 square feet and which is one of the very few factories that qualified for the European environmental standard in China. Our production factory also meets the ISO standard and passed Disney’s production audit.


As full-service producer/distributors of our products, we oversee every step of the production process, from beginning to end.

Our Manufacturing

We invested over $4 million (USD) for our own electroplating factory in Dongguan, China; this factory is equipped with automatic production lines and has over 1,000 workers, including 600 highly skilled craftsmen. Our 60,000-foot production space allows us to produce high-quality products at competitive prices, and our highly trained quality-control engineers closely monitor each step of production, from design moulds and raw material acquisitions to production, packaging and shipping.

Our Future, Our Mission

Today, we are the leading player in combining metal and crystal products. We developed more than 5 thousands of gift items. The diversity of product range from figurines, tabletop, musical, jewellery box, windchimes, the corporate gift to houseware items with a combination of different materials. Inherited over 48 years of industrial proficiencies, we do not only invest long hours of research and experiments, we have remarkable handicraft with mechanical backup to create high standard product lines.

Our passion for going beyond ordinary, we treat our customers as our life partner, provide new values and experiences to you through ways that are unique to Crystal Temptations® and which go beyond what people expect by combining exceptional products with reasonable price and elegance in style.

Crystal; Temptations Logo

Figurines, Tablewares, Musicals, Ornaments, Photo Frames, Clocks and more. Crystal Temptations® is the pioneer of producing gift items with a combination of metals and crystals. We’ve been crafting stylish, innovative products with unparalleled craftsmanship, blending metal work artistry with the stunning sparkle of Swarovski® crystal. Our octagon-shaped brand logo represents the perfect combination with our craftsmanship with Swarovski’s crystal.